Matt Walsh is wrong about: Saving the world

The problem with Walsh isn’t that there’s so much he doesn’t understand. The problem is that he is incredibly unaware of how much he doesn’t understand. He doesn’t want to understand. He doesn’t want to understand you; he wants you to be more like him. One gets the feeling that if asked to walk a mile in someone’s shoes, Walsh would literally take said person’s shoes, put them on, and walk for exactly one mile. “There,” he might say, “Now do you see that you should just ____?“

Matt Walsh Is Wrong About: “Alcohol-Fused Humping Sessions”

Matt starts by bemoaning the state of sexuality in today’s America. You see, Matt’s a real keen observer of the human condition. He sees and knows all, including what’s going on in your bedroom, and between you and me, he is not pleased. That’s something to keep you up at night: Matt Walsh thinks you’re bad at sex. Why does he hate the sex you’re having? Let’s take a look at a few reasons.

Matt Walsh is wrong about: The Black Community

As I write this, the Ferguson Police are requesting that people not hold protests or vigils. You tell me, Matt, what constructive things with any chance of success are left for the black community to do when no one is willing to acknowledge our pain and when the system closes off our legitimate avenues for seeking redress.

Matt Walsh is Wrong About: Spiritual Struggles

This post addresses the final aspect of Robin Williams' death that Walsh claims is intrinsic in approaching suicide and depression: spirituality. Since Matt, many of his readers, and I share similar Judeo-Christian backgrounds, my approach here stems from that common thread in the hopes of further clarifying Walsh's departure from the Christian mores he claims to uphold.

Matt Walsh Is Wrong About: Suicide and Depression

A purposefully controversial post with a clickbait title less than a day after Mr. Williams’ suicide? What Matt lacks in empathy and tact he makes up for in narcissism and self-promotion. Matt Walsh is wrong about suicide and depression. Saying that suicide is a choice, while semantically accurate, is extremely misleading and glosses over some very important nuances. Matt is also wrong in claiming that joy is the cure for depression.

A quick note about Matt’s Robin Williams post

This is a public service announcement: Matt Walsh is wrong. Depression is not trivial or chosen. Depression is not cured by simply choosing joy. There is help. There is hope. You are not alone. It isn't your fault. Today's post will not go unanswered. There are actually several people who have volunteered to reply to Matt's latest post about Robin Williams' death. Watch for these posts over the next few days.

Matt Walsh is Wrong About: Blogging

I daresay Americans are more alike than we often believe. We would certainly elect a candidate who could promise, with absolute certainty, a stronger economy, safer cities, lower taxes, better education, and effective governance. The difficulty arises because we disagree on how those promises might be realized, and our electoral system forces us, with our myriad and disparate opinions, to pick between two often-unpalatable options.

Matt Walsh is wrong about: Pornography

We're going to have to switch gears here. If all we really do with this topic is reflect the tone and banality of Walsh's sophomoric attempt to address an extremely difficult situation, then we've all lost. Besides, if we're going to be honest with ourselves, any conversation that deals with pornography has to begin with the much broader topic of human sexuality and how it is expressed in the world around us.
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